Color profiles

The 32 color profiles are a range of colors put in order (ROYGBIV) ending with 3 "silver" blades (red/white; green/white; blue/white), 4 white blades with varying brightness levels (30/60/90% for darksaber and other blade styles so fx show), a full power "white" blade and lastly a 0% brightness "black" blade. (this blade only shows the fx color will show. This is a fun color to explore).

*To use the color profiles simply copy and paste the "color.txt" file and paste onto the sd card, deleting your old color.txt file.

*Throughout all of the color profiles all fx colors are white, however to further customize your blade styles you can change the colors of your blasters, clashes, lock-ups, etc.

Created by: Powell's Power-Ups

From the CFX default package

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This is my rendition of the color profiles for canon lightsabers. This is a small but growing list.
I've determined the color by takings samples from the movies, filming and adjusting the sampled colors.

Profile 1 = Luke Skywalker ESB
Profile 2 = Darth Maul (rebels area)
Profile 3 = Ahsoka in Mandolorian (by Ryan Scott Sachs)
Profile 4 = Yoda (by Ryan Scott Sachs)
Profile 5 = Luke Skywalker ANH-training (by Ryan Scott Sachs)

Created by: Crystalfocus