Crystal FX for desktop

'Crystal FX' for desktop is the most user friendly Crystal focus 10 (CFX) configuration tool there is. It will enable you to edit your blade profiles, color profiles, font configurations and take that deep-dive into configuration without getting lost.

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Customize the look and feel of your CFX lightsaber by configurating the parameters.
  • Edit all parameters from any configuration file
  • Edit blade effects like lockups, blaster bolts, clash, etc
  • Edit all color profiles
  • Fully automated firmware updates
  • Apply any of the nearly 200 bladestyles from in one click
  • Automated error detection and remote debugging
  • Remote control
  • Activate any soundfont through the soundfont overview
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How to install
  • 1. Download the Crystal FX package, containing all the files: Download for free
  • 2. Double-click the downloaded file to open, then copy and paste all the files into a new folder
  • 3. Open the folder you created in step 2 and double-click the file named "Crystal FX.exe" to start the program

Missing package warning?

You might get a warning about a missing .Net package. If this is the case you can download and install the package from here
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