Here's a list of tutorials, videos and other useful resources to help you get the most out of your CFX


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Color parameters explained
Demonstration of the color profile parameters

How to update the bootloader
The new bootloader will enable fully automated firmware updates! After the update the only thing you need to do is place the firmware file on the sd-card and boot the CFX! How nice is that?

GraFx pixel sequencer explained
The new CFX pixel sequencer, GraFx, will allow you to easily create super complex pixel animations for your accent pixels. This engine will be used for full blown blade styles very soon and with a small hack you can already start experimenting right now

Profiles, configs and soundfonts. How do they interact?
Before you can start customizing your CFX it's important to understand how blade profiles, color profiles and soundfonts interact. This video tries to explain their structure.

Quickest and complete manual firmware update
This tutorial shows the quickest way to update the firmware of your CFX including the steps needed to update your configuration files! No USB / serial port is needed.

CFX Update Firmware
A quick video to show how to update the CFX firmware as described in the user's manual (using a serial terminal app to monitor the process)

Accent LEDs
Installation and configuration

Installing Crystal focus 10 (CFX) lightsaber blade profiles
This video is meant for those that have little to none experience with the crystal focus 10 (CFX) lightsaber and it will demonstrate how to install the blade profiles and color profiles that are shown on crystalfocus.net