START CUSTOMIZING NOW was created because I believe that playing, installing and customizing the CFX lightsabers should be like installing an app on your phone. It should make you smile like a kid.

Erv Plecter has made it possible to extend his excellent CFX Soundboard with external apps that can help you get the most out of you lightsaber. aims to make use of these possibilities to give tools and information to the Lightsaber community that will make people smile.
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Finetuning the Crystal Focus 10 CFX twist on/off actions


Blade profiles

Take a look at the online library of crystal focus X blade profiles!


CFX Configuration

Configure the CFX via Bluetooth or USB on your desktop or mobile


CFX Parameters

The complete and searchable list of CFX parameters explained

All the CFX blade profiles, the CFX Configurator, the CFX parameter library and videos on CFX blade effects are free for private use. Including or copying for use other than private use is prohibited. If you want to support me and be updated on the latest content like demos and bladestyles be sure to subscribe to my Youtube channel. Also, please join our Facebook group for any more info on the platform and stay up-to-date. For technical questions on the CFX (Crystal focus X) soundboard itself please go to the Official CFX Group. custom services

If you're a CFX lightsaber owner or builder and want to get your CFX builds to the next level then now offers services for this!

Lots of people don't really know all of the capabilities CFX has to offer and also don't have the time to implement. These services will help you get the job done quicker and you will get the most out of your saber!


CFX GraFx customizable blade effects!!

So what is it?

GraFx enables you to create blade effects, like preons and ignitions, by simply drawing on a canvas, using your own favorite bitmap editor like Paint (3d) or Photoshop.

Here is an example of a GraFx custom ignition that's created for the soundfont 'Ancient prophecies' which is part of the default package

GraFx library

I'm building a growing library of GraFx packages, which will be released over time. Each package will contain GraFx bitmaps that you can easily install on your CFX. Some ignitions are very soundfont specific whilst others can be used for loads of soundfonts.

Go to the GraFx custom animation library

Newest downloadable GraFx effects package

GraFx bladestyle for soundfont Space Junk by Chef fonts

Get this bladestyle now!




Mobile wireless CFX customization app for Bluetooth enabled sabers

Product description

'Crystal FX' is the most feature rich mobile app for Bluetooth enabled Crystal focus 10 (CFX) lightsabers and it's available for iOS and Android right now!
Description lists
Customize the look and feel of your CFX lightsaber by configurating the parameters through a Bluetooth connection.
Join the Facebook group with hundreds of users
Direct contact with the developer (that's me!)
Required hardware
Use the BT909 Bluetooth module for your installs


CRYSTAL FX for desktop

Gives the best control over your CFX customization

Product description

'Crystal FX for desktop' will enable you to take the deep-dive into CFX customization and makes it understandable and fun!
Description lists
Edit all parameters from any configuration file
Fully automated firmware updates
Great overview of soundfonts, color- and bladeprofiles
Join the Facebook group with hundreds of users
Required hardware and OS
Connect through USB using Windows


How to create a GraFx animation

Crystal FX user review


How to install blade profiles

Crystal FX for desktop