was created because I believe that playing, installing and customizing the CFX lightsabers should be like installing an app on your phone. It should make you smile like a kid.

Erv Plecter has made it possible to extend his excellent CFX Soundboard with external apps that can help you get the most out of you lightsaber. aims to make use of these possibilities to give tools and information to the Lightsaber community that will make people smile.


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All the CFX blade profiles, the CFX Configurator, the CFX parameter library and videos on CFX blade effects are free for private use. Including or copying for use other than private use is prohibited. If you want to support me and be updated on the latest content like demos and bladestyles be sure to subscribe to my Youtube channel. Also, please join our Facebook group for any more info on the platform and stay up-to-date. For technical questions on the CFX (Crystal focus X) soundboard itself please go to the Official CFX Group.

Bluetooth app for your lightsaber?
Image 'Crystal FX' is the most feature rich mobile app for Bluetooth enabled Crystal focus 10 (CFX) lightsabers and it's available for iOS and Android right now!
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How to install the blade profiles on your CFX

In this demo I'll show you how you can install blade profiles on your CFX by editing the configuration files on the SD-card.

Crystal FX: CFX Customization software
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Config checker
Upgrading your CFX firmware has never been more easy with Crystal FX for Windows or Mobile. But, after the firmware update, you should always make sure your configurations are also upgraded. Use the Config checker to make sure all parameters are valid and present!

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