CFX Configuration tools

"A lightsaber should reflect one's personality and style...."

Playing with each and every parameter on the CFX board is a LOT of fun....especially with these tools that help on your way.

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Looing for tutorials?

You can find a growing collection of tutorials on the CFX on my YouTube channel and over here.
1. Crystal FX
A suite of tools that is built with one goal in mind: helping you get the most out of the CFX lightsaber.

For windows
  • The most user friendly software for CFX there is!
  • Connection over USB
  • Real-time editing of all CFX parameters
  • Overview of all fonts, color- and bladeprofiles
  • Automated updates of firmware
  • Bladestyle
  • Save your configuration online
  • Remote control
  • Debugging of CFX
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For iOS and Android
  • The most user friendly mobile software for CFX there is!
  • Connection over Bluetooth
  • Real-time editing of all CFX parameters
  • Overview of all fonts
  • Apply ANY bladestyle in one click!
  • Remote control
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2. R.I.C.E
The Real-time Internal Configuration Editor GUI made by Erv Plecter himself! Compatible with most operating systems and contains features to play with ALL of the features the CFX has to offer. Download for free
  • For both Mac and Windows
  • Connection over USB
  • Real-time editing of all CFX parameters
  • Made by Erv Plecter himself!
  • Most complete set of parameters
  • Realtime gyro information
  • Remote control

3. Online Package Builder
Build entire SD-Card packages on the fly! This enables a copy-paste-and-go usage and configuration of your CFX saber which is incredibly powerfull.
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Crystal FX

Crystal FX helps you customize your CFX Lightsaber. Every blade style that is on this site has been created or put on the CFX using this app.

Download for free

(Copy or extract all the files from this download into a separate folder before starting the app)
  • Fully automated firmware updates
  • Edit EVERY parameter on the CFX
  • Easily create and customize color profiles
  • Manage all your blade profiles
  • Apply every blade profile from the website in one click!
For support on the any of the Crystal FX versions (Windows/Android/iOS) please join the Facebook group .