CFX lightsaber sellers

A useful overview of companies selling CFX lightsabers. in random order. If you want to be added to this list mail me.

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Vader's Vault
At VV, we have always believed in what we call, the "Complete Package". Customer experience is very important to us, and we know how irritating it is to purchase something, get excited about playing with it only to find that you're missing a critical component like batteries, a charger, or any other accessory necessary to actually use and enjoy your new found gadget or toy.

When you purchase a saber from us, everything necessary to actually use the saber is included in the box, from the battery, Blade, Blade Retention Wrench, and Charger. We also offer a full line of accessories to enhance your experience from Blade Plugs, Polishing cloths, Extra Batteries, and even costume accessories like leather belts and armor kits.

The complete experience at Vader's Vault makes sure your joy and nostalgia is worry free.
Saberproject Shop
We carry our own series models and are involved in limited high-end sabers from various manufacturers. We have been working successfully with our partners for years. Our sabers are always equipped with the latest technology. We exclusively install soundboards from Plecter Labs. A blade, a charger and other accessories are included with each of our sabers so that they can be used out of the box.
"At Sabertrio, we build duel ready custom sabers that are inspired by a certain elegant weapon from a galaxy far, far away. Each piece is meticulously assembled and hand finished to attain a quality level of a more civilized age"
Shtok custom worx
High quality unique custom sabers, parts, saber accessories, wiring diagrams, art and electronics stuff.
Elegant Weapons
Located in Franse this company has very close contacts with the creator of the CFX Plecter Labs.
Genisis Custom Sabers
My production series designs are the perfect blend of high end functionality at a reasonable price. These meticulously designed sabers are intended to stand out and to stand up. Each CNC machined saber is assembled and hand crafted in my own shop. They are solidly built of aluminum and suitable for duelling. They come with the latest Crystal Focus sound card from Plecter Labs, and have the option of a Plecter Pixel blade, single colour dedicated LED blade or the multicolour LED blade setup with 16 colour presets! GCS production series sabers are truly art you can fight with