Crystal FX

'Crystal FX' is the most feature rich mobile app for Bluetooth-enabled Crystal Focus 10 (CFX) Lightsabers. It is available for both iOS and Android.

Customize the look and feel of your CFX lightsaber by configurating the parameters through a Bluetooth connection.
  • Edit all parameters from any configuration file
  • Edit blade effects like lockups, blaster bolts, clash, etc
  • Edit all color profiles
  • Play music on your saber through remote control
  • 'Airdrop' blade styles from saber to saber using KyberConnect
  • Apply any of the nearly 200 bladestyles from in one click
  • Update your firmware
  • Automated error detection and remote debugging
  • Remote control
  • Activate any soundfont through the soundfont overview

If you don't know how to do something, got a feature request or simply want to ask a question, here's where you can reach me:

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Required hardware
Before you can use this app your CFX lightsabers needs to be Bluetooth enabled. There are several Bluetooth modules available in the market that but I highly recommend the FSC-BT909 module from Feasycom for best connectivity. Other modules, like the FSC-BT630 I would not recommend.

Module configuration
The module doesn’t need a lot of configuration to be ready to use, make sure you issue at least those ones:
  • AT+PROFILE=3 (bitfield bit 0 + 1 set = SSP + GATT profiles enabled)
  • AT+COD=00050C (Major class = peripheral, minor class = Remote control)14
  • AT+PAIR=1
  • AT+SSP=1 (simple pairing ON)
  • AT+BTEN=1 (radio enable)
  • AT+NAME=<1-31 char> ,<0 or 1>(1 adds mac suffix to the name, handy)
  • AT+PIN= (4 digit for SSP or 6 digits for BLE)
  • AT+LENAME=<1-15 char>,<0 or 1> (1 adds mac suffix to the name, handy)

You can configure the module through a USB connection after it has been wired to the CFX. Connect the CFX with a USB and establish a connection. Then, using either RICE or Crystal FX for desktop, you can send the above commands at 'custom serial command'

Send a custom serial command

When sending the commands through the CFX make sure to place "toBLE=" in front of each command so the CFX will relay the commands to the Bluetooth module.
Wiring diagram
BT909 Crystal focus 10 (CFX) wiring diagram

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