CFX Soundfont sellers

A useful overview of soundfont sellers, in random order. If you want to be added to this list mail me.

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Grayscale Fonts
All about creating high quality, affordable smoothswing lightsaber soundfonts. None of these soundsfonts are strictly Jedi or Sith. They are meant to pull power from both sides of the force, hence the name: Greyscale. Neither Light or Dark, but somewhere in the middle.
KitBash Custom Sabers
Kitbashing" is the process of combining existing parts together from different models to make something new. From custom sound fonts to limited edition sabers, this process defines everything I do as an artist
Making soundfonts for the community since 2011 and focussing mainly on in-universe fonts except for a few fun movie related fonts
Mountain Sabers Custom Sound Fonts
Mountain Sabers - Light Saber Fonts & Sounds provides a unique and professional perspective when it comes to sound mixing, and actively provides helpful creative input when needed. I’m a Sound Engineer who is always ready for a challenge, and I enjoy working on complex projects that require big efforts and the use of different skills. If delivering great sound is what you’re looking for, then look no further than Mountain Sabers - Light Saber Fonts & Sounds.
Kyberspace Lightsaber Soundfonts
Fully Dynamic & Immersive Sound Fonts For Your Lightsaber. We specialize in CFX, GHv3 & Proffie Sound Fonts.
Soundfonts creator for proffieboard and CFX Lightsabers. These soundfonts have great themes and always have a magical appeal.
Been designing fonts for ten years with a main goal in mind: to make the most accurate fonts ever. If you search for a hundred percent sound accuracy, look no further!
Syndicate Custom Relics
A place where you can find heirlooms from both Jedi and Sith's past. Immerse yourself in the vast selection of unique sounds for your ancient weapons, and become mystified at the collection of art for your Jedi/Sith shrine or temple. Each font has been vigorously tested, equalized, and optimized to suit hilts of any size and style, and comes with both CFX and Proffie versions (and Proffie blade styles).
KSith Saber Fonts
I'm honored to have been serving Saberland's sound needs for 4 years now. This has become one of the most fun and rewarding communities I've ever been a part of. All of you have given me the drive to keep creating and doing what I love. I've met so many new lifelong friends through this that I could never replace.
BlueForce Company
BlueForce Company is owned and operated by me (Lord Nikahn) and dedicated to bringing you quality sound fonts for all your saber needs. BFC has been around since June 2020 and has steadily grown to becoming a recognizable supplier of quality fonts. All fonts are tirelessly compiled, processed, and formatted to sound great on your sabers.
Harry Solo Fonts
My main goal, as a sound font-smith, is to provide people around the world with awesome custom sound fonts that help bring the value out of their saber and really increase the fun experience of being a saber owner in this day and age. The sounds that I create, are almost ENTIRELY crafted from scratch, using synthesizers, VST's, and other hardware/software that I use to create audio. I do not believe strongly in taking already created works/sounds and repackaging them for sale. I like to make something that I can stamp a genuine seal of authenticity onto. If you have a dream sound font in mind, or just an idea that peaks your curiousity, contact me on my site and lets see what we can make for you!
Reaver's Arsenal LLC
Whether you want a custom font, weathering, powder coating, or custom install for your saber The Arsenal is your one stop shop for all your custom saber needs.
Repulse collectibles
My name is LINK. If you frequent the FX Sabers Forums or The Rebel Armory Forums, You may already know me. Repulse Collectibles is my vision for a true DIY community! Offering DIY custom saber hilts & the best Smooth Swing soundfonts around, The Team here at Repulse is dedicated to bringing you the best sci fi experience we can!
Lord Blako LBSF
For me as a font maker there is nothing better than to see that someone appreciates all the work and enjoys the result on his lightsaber.
Bringing awesome soundfonts to the lightsaber community since 2019 and is one of the more wellknown soundfont creators. High quality soundfonts which are going to make you enjoy your saber even more!
BK Saber Sounds
Explore the sounds we created that are traditional 'true to canon' experience, character recreations, and a few that are quite unique & specialty.

Faithfully reproduced and accurate saber audio using quality digital software and analog hardware. Get crisp, clear, pristine and realistic audio for your saber.