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These GraFx animations are custom made and are available for several blade sizes (ledstrip setting). Please download the example package to make sure the provided animations will work for you.

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GraFx bladestyle for SKOTOS by Greyscale

$ 4,00

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GraFx bladestyle for sounfont SKOTOS by Greyscale. Includes custom preon, poweron, motion mappen unstable effects, fully configured profiles for 115, 117, 125, 128,133 and 140 pixelstrip setup

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4 variations in bladestyles! Comes in 115, 117, 125,128,133 and 140 pixel setup!
GraFx Kylo-Ren style. One size fits all!
3-pack! Contains the GraFx bladestyles for Blue, Red and Orange!! Comes in 115, 117, 125, 128, 133 and 140 pixel setup. Requires firmware v10.007F or up.
GraFx bladestyle for GreatMotherV2 by Kyberphonic fonts. Several Custom poweron and off effects. Built for 115, 117, 125,128, 133 and 140 pixelstrip setup
Contains custom ignition, poweroff, full blade/color profile and GraFx configuration. Comes in 117, 125 and 140 pixel setup. Requires firmware v10.007B or up